December 24, 2012

Robert Duncan Studios (Holiday Edition)


I mentioned I have a very talent father-in-law a few posts ago (you can read about it here).  Well, he has an art gallery on main street here in Midway (Utah).  My husband has worked there for over 10 years.  We spend a lot of time at the gallery.  My boys love going to visit dad because they usually end up coming home with some sorts of cardboard boxes, tubes, "weapons" (all you mothers of little boys will understand).  I love going because along with all of my father-in-law's paintings, they also sell home decor items.  My mother-in-law has great taste and has the cutest things in the gallery. 

If you're in Midway over the next little while, stop in and see what they have.  I have some pictures of a few Christmas items they have (which will probably be going on sale soon for great prices!).  If I could, I'd have one of each item!  There's everything from ornaments to stuffed animals, signs to wreaths and dishes.

One of my favorite things she has at Christmastime are the pillows.  There's one in the collage above, and two below.  
The bird pillow with the pom-poms is my absolute favorite!

I always like shopping after Christmas for Christmas items.  I love the deals you can get, and I love thinking about what I can use for the next year (I'm already excited for Christmas next year).

Happy Christmas Eve!  I hope you have a wonderful day filled with whatever brings you joy.  We are having a family dinner with a cousin talent show (my favorite!) tonight.  My boys say they're singing 'Away in a Manger'.  I hope they follow through and don't get stage fright because it's the cutest thing ever!  Enjoy this exciting day!


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