October 31, 2013

DIY Halloween Ping Pong Toss

I don't get to Target very often these days.  I used to live two minutes from one, and went all of the time.  Now it's about thirty minutes away, and I don't get there half as often as I'd like.  I guess on the bright side, I do save a lot of money by having a bit of distance between the two of us.

DIY Halloween Ping Pong Toss from Blissful Roots

I was at Target a few weeks ago, however, and ran across a cute ping pong toss game.  I love old, classic carnival games at Halloween time for some reason.  It was $10, which isn't terrible, but the containers the ping pong balls were to be tossed into were just about the exact size of an oatmeal container.  I save oatmeal containers, and had a bunch at home, so I decided to make my own game.

 *oatmeal containers (small and/or large- I used some of both)
*scrapbook paper
*point labels (I designed mine in PicMonkey)
*ping pong balls
*embellishments (optional)

*Cut scrapbook paper to fit oatmeal containers.  My scrapbook paper didn't quite wrap around the entire container, so I had to add an extra piece at the back.  You could use wrapping paper or fabric and you wouldn't run into that problem.
*Adhere paper to container.
*Adhere point labels to containers, or just write the point values on.
*Add any other embellishments to the container.  I added a bit or ribbon to the top of mine.
*Decorate ping pong balls with Halloween stickers (if you'd like).

DIY Halloween Ping Pong Toss from Blissful Roots

DIY Halloween Ping Pong Toss from Blissful Roots

My boys just like to throw the balls into the containers, so the puffy stickers were fine.  If you're going to bounce the balls, you'll need flatter stickers, or just don't use stickers on the ping pong balls at all.

Now you're ready for some ping pong toss fun.  I had everything I needed for this project.  I did have to pay 40 cents to have my point labels printed, but that sure beats $10!

Happy Halloween!  I wish you all a very fun and spooky day.
Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you found a little something worth your time.

P.S.  I only put five labels on a page when I designed my point labels , and for the game, six or more labels are best.  I wasn't going to share my labels for that reason, but I guess you could print out two copies and have 10 point labels in all.  Click here if you'd like them.

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