March 19, 2014

Frosted Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who doesn't love a really good chocolate chip cookie?  And  wouldn't that really good chocolate chip cookie be even better with frosting?  That's kind of a silly question, right?  Frosting makes everything better!

Frosted Chocolate Chip Cookies from Blissful Roots

This recipe comes from my mother-in-law (not my sister, for once).  She has made these cookies for years and years.  My husband and all five of his siblings remember these as their favorite childhood cookies.  Still to this day when she makes them, they can't get enough of them, and neither can any of us in-laws, or grandkids.

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The trick to these cookies is NOT over baking them.  My mother-in-law always just under bakes them, so they're really soft.  She also chops up some of the extra milk chocolate chips in her Bullet, and sprinkles them on top.

Frosted Chocolate Chip Cookies from Blissful Roots

I promise these will be a huge hit with your entire family!   The cookie itself is so soft, and almost cake-like, and then when you add the frosting and chopped chocolate chips, you're talking perfection!

And as much as I love the frosted chocolate chip cookies,  I also love my perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe as well.  Go check it out for a more traditional recipe.

Frosted Chocolate Chip Cookies from Blissful Roots
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