August 25, 2014

Favorite Color Combination Websites

I've come to appreciate the talent of those who can come up with beautiful color combinations.  Whenever I create a printable to share, I'm always on the lookout for fresh, eye-catching color pallets.  For a long time, I just relied on what looked good to me, but I found myself using the same color schemes over and over.  I needed something new!

Favorite Color Combination Websites @ Blissful Roots

I can't quite remember how, but I found a website several months ago, and it has quickly become my best friend when it comes to creating pretty much anything digital.  The site is called Color Combos.  I love this site because you can choose any color, click on it, then you can view tons of color palletes using your chosen color as a base.  Plus, you'll get the hex number (see the 6-digit numbers below each color) for each color, so you can copy and paste that into your editing program, and have the exact colors you want.  Love it!!  (I tend to have a lot of gray hues on my mind these days with little boy number four on the way).  
Favorite Color Combination Websites @ Blissful Roots
Color Combos
I am most familiar with Color Combos, and use it the most, but here are a couple other sites that I love to draw color inspiration from.

Favorite Color Combination Websites @ Blissful Roots
design seeds

I love design seeds because of the endless color palletes that are all based around nature and art.  Just look at these gorgeous roses, and the stunning color 
combinations you could use based on them.  My only hang up with this site is that you won't get a hex number, or RGB number to duplicate the exact colors.  You can purchase their books, and I'm sure you'll find the numbers in there, but otherwise you just have to eyeball it.  When I create anything digital, I always like having an exact hex number.  But, if you just want some inspiration to use for home decor, then this site is perfect!  You can match the colors provided with paint samples, and you'll be all set.

Favorite Color Combination Websites @ Blissful Roots

Favorite Color Combination Websites @ Blissful Roots

Another site I found recently is called Colour Lovers.  It's a lot like Color Combos because you'll get the hex number for each color provided, but you'll also get the RGB number as well!  I can't wait to explore this site more.  So many great sources of inspiration!

I also found this cool site (RGB to Hex) that will convert your hex number to an RGB number, and vice versa.  That way if you only have one number, or the other, then you type it in and the site will convert it for you.  So cool!

I hope you'll take the time to explore a few of these sites.  I do have to warn you, you'll be wanting to redecorate your entire house with the amazing color palletes you find!

Happy coloring!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you found a little something worth your time.

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  1. Thanks for these web sites! They will come in so handy for crafting.

    1. Aren't they fantastic! I could create all day long using all of the different color combos. So glad you like them! Thanks so much for visiting, Linda!

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