January 24, 2013

Typed Embellishments (Inserting Special Characters)

Last week I did a post on typing in circles by inserting special characters.  Well, here's another fun and easy way to insert special characters.  
I call them swirls, for lack of a better word.  These make great embellishments for anything you type.  You can follow the same steps I used here, but don't use the GungSeo font.  The fonts you will need to look for are listed in the pictures below above each set of "swirls".

These are only a few of the swirls available.  Go ahead and scroll through each font to see all the possibilities.  
Here's one way I used the swirls to embellish one of my favorite quotes.  They add just the perfect touch, don't you think?  

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  1. Nice quote from Sark. She wrote Succulent Wild Woman which is where my blog name came from. After my sister and I read the book, everything was "succulent" meaning very cool and wonderful. I like the printable, too. What program do you make your printables in? I'm pinning this one, also. Linda

    1. I just used Open Office. I'm no pro by any means, but it's fun to do what you can with what you have. Thanks so much for your kinds words!

  2. I love your tutorials on how to do this intricate word processing stuff. Always welcome. I featured this tutorial because I know it's something most people don't know. Take care, New Party is OPEN. Linda


  3. I went looking for the above mentioned fonts and could not find them...Where did you get them from? Are they free fonts? Shawn

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