June 20, 2014

Recycled Snack Cups {Patriotic Version}

Do you have small, silly things that make you completely giddy at times?  Like seeing an adorable set of snack cups at the party store, but not wanting to pay the $7 price tag for 5 cups?  And then you realize you have a frosting container that is exactly the same size sitting at home that would serve the same purpose, and for free!

Recycled Snack Cups {Patriotic Version} @ Blissful Roots

Okay, maybe I'm a bit crazy and alone in my frosting container giddiness, but little things like this make me so, so happy!  I love reusing- it saves money and Mother Earth!  And I love these frosting containers because they're plastic, so you can wash and reuse them, and all you have to do it switch out your paper and embellishment to have a whole new look for any occasion!

More often than not, I like to make my own frosting, but I do use store-bought frosting every now and again.  (Can I just put a little tip in here for collecting recycled items?  Let your family members and friends know what you're wanting.  That way when they're done with a container you need, they can send it your way, instead of throwing it away.  Your collection will grow rapidly!)

Recycled Snack Cups {Patriotic Version} @ Blissful Roots

I found this frosting at Dollar Tree.  It's a bit smaller than most frostings (12 oz. instead of 16 oz.) but that's actually what I liked about it.  It makes a more reasonable snack cup size.  But if all you have it the bigger size, by all means use it!  We're trying to reuse, not waste.

I simply washed out the frosting container, pulled the label off and then attached some red striped paper from Michaels.  The adorable label I used on top of the red and white paper comes from Hostess with the Mostess. There is an entire All-American County Fair 4th of July Party set to print our for free!  It's to die for!

Recycled Snack Cups {Patriotic Version} @ Blissful Roots

So, there you have it.  Your $1 recycled, reusable patriotic snack cup.  You can dress it up however you'd like and fill it up with whatever you'd like.  Then when you're done, take off your paper, wash it (I would suggest hand washing, pretty sure these wouldn't hold up in the dishwasher), and dress it up for the next occasion.  Oh, the possibilities!  I can't wait to make more!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you found a little something worth your time.

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  1. I love reusing my frosting containers! My daughter has a couple in her room she's decorated with scrapbook paper & ribbon to use to hold her markers & pens. We've also used them at parties to hold the plastic utensils (decorated to match the theme, of course).

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