January 3, 2013

Sticking to Your Grocery Budget

Several months ago I found myself very frustrated with the fact that I could not stick to my grocery budget.  I needed something to change!  How many times have you read something and thought, "I really should try that", but never quite got around to doing it?  Well, my frustration pushed me over the edge, and I did it.  I tried one of those things I'd read a million times, and it worked like magic (I wish everything I tried worked out that well)!
I know there are countless tips out there on budgeting, and my two (yes, only two) tips are probably ones you've heard over and over, but they have worked so well for me that I have to share.  So, here they are my two grocery budgeting tips:

That's it!  I know coupons are amazing, but they overwhelm me.  Maybe someday I'll appreciate couponing as much as I should, but for now this works perfectly for me.  I'm not saying this will solve all of your budgeting problems, but trying couldn't hurt.

I also have to say, I live in a small valley where my grocery options are Smith's, Days (a local grocery store), and Wal Mart.  I get two ads in the mail every Wednesday, so my ads are easy to shop.  I can see how overwhelming it may be to shop every ad of every store in a big city.  Maybe you could choose your three favorite stores and shop their ads. 

In addition to shopping my ads,  I also started visiting my local ATM (I hadn't been to an ATM for ages!) once a week and pulling my grocery money out.  There's something about having the actual bills in my wallet that keeps me on budget.  I like being able to physically see what's in my wallet and planning my grocery shops accordingly.  There is also definitely an element of planning involved with staying on budget, but it doesn't have to be a stress.  The ads actually help me plan- what's on sale tells me what to make for the week.

I promise your wallet (and your husband) will love you for giving this a try.  Go get your cash, ads, and happy shopping!
What are your favorite budgeting tips?  I'm always looking for new ideas!

P.S.  My Smith's ad came yesterday and they're having a case lot sale!  I never thought grocery ads could be this exciting!
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  1. Those tips work although I might have to leave my credit/debit cards at home because if I go over instead of putting something back I'll just swipe. It's usually because the sale was so good I still go a little over. Which means being more limiting. I also go shopping once a week versus monthly I use a hand cart and only have a few minutes so I tend to only get what we need versus a serious up and down the aisle buying it all and often too much. If I think in weekly quantity I often so smaller.

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