November 14, 2013

Turkey Battleship

Here's another repost from last year.  This is a great activity for kids, or the entire family.  My boys absolutely love it!

Turkey Battleship from Blissful Roots

Last year I found a pumpkin Battleship game online that I printed out to use for Halloween.  My boys fell in LOVE with it, so when November came around I thought we could easily make a Thanksgiving-themed Battleship.  I love the strategy that's involved with this game.  When my boys first played Battleship they were all over the place with their hits, but the more they've played, the more they've learned the strategy involved.  It definitely takes some patience and skill.  They also love to yell out "Hit!" when their targets get taken out.  This game is fun to play throughout the month of November, or it's a great way to pass some time on Thanksgiving day.  
Turkey Battleship from Blissful Roots

I used a 6 X 6 table for our grid and six turkeys for the targets.  I printed the table out on to a brown paper bag.  I was making this the night before Thanksgiving last year and really wanted to use a brown paper bag color for the game, but couldn't find any shade of brown paper in my stash.   I did find an old brown bag from my local craft store and cut it down to a standard paper size.  It went through the printer with no problem.

Turkey Battleship from Blissful Roots

I then used my Martha Stewart alphabet stamp set (the same set I used in my Thankful Journals and November calendar) to mark the coordinates.

Turkey Battleship from Blissful Roots

The final touch was finding the right turkey for our targets.  It took a bit of hunting, but I found the perfect one.  I have looked and looked this year for the source of my turkey, but I can't find it anywhere.  There are a lot of great vintage turkey images out there- just google it.  

I shrunk the turkey down to size so he'd fit in the squares of the grid.  Then I copied  about 50 turkeys on to one page and printed it out.  I did have to cut all the turkeys out, but with my paper cutter it was an easy job.  

We adhered our turkeys to the grid with tape, but glue would work too (if you're not wanting to reuse the grid or turkey).  You may also want to print two grids per player- one to put your own turkeys on and the other one to keep track which enemy squares you've called.

Turkey Battleship from Blissful Roots

 Battleship is great for family gatherings because it can be adjusted for any age group by changing  the size of your grid and the number of targets.  

Now on to making a Christmas Battleship.  My only problem there is deciding on a target- Santas, trees, reindeer, candy canes...  or maybe all of them!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you found a little something worth your time.

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  1. What a fun project, Brooke! My grandkids will enjoy this. Thanks!

    1. Hey, Marianne! I think it will be a hit with your grandkids. We all love to play it. In fact, my boys favorite opponent is grandpa! They love to get all his turkeys. It's a fun way to spend some time on Thanksgiving Day. Thanks so much for visiting, and for you comment. Enjoy your weekend!

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