December 16, 2013

DIY Christmas Gift Box {And Our Favorite Marbles}

I love pretty packaging!  I wish I was organized enough to start wrapping my gifts in November so I could make each package a work of art.  But life is busy, and that has  yet to happen.  So, I'm content with several simple packages, and a few extra special ones here and there.

DIY Christmas Gift Box {With Favorite Marbles Inside} from Blissful Roots

This package comes from my DIY gift box tutorial (visit this link for the how to on making the box).  If you've visited Blissful Roots before, then  you've probably seen these boxes before (here and here).  They're like my upcycled tin cans.  I've made these for years, (I learned how in the fifth grade!) and once I start making them I can't stop.  They're so simple, and they're my favorite way to wrap up small gifts.

I stopped at my favorite scrapbook store last week and rounded up some darling scrapbook paper (this reindeer paper is from October Afternoon's Silent Night collection).  Every time I see cute scrapbook paper, I visualize it on a tin can, or folded up as a darling box.  I like to be able to see the pattern on the box, so I usually just stamp the name on the corner, and use a simple ribbon, yarn, bow, or pom pom on top. 

I'm using this little box for my boy's marbles this year.  Are you familiar with Mega Marbles?  Well, at least I think that's what they're called.  I've had a hard time tracking down the actual brand name.  Anyway, my boys found some of these marbles last year, and got several packages for Christmas.  They still love them this year, so we're getting a few more. I want to collect these marbles!  They're so beautiful, and clever in their naming.  I'm amazed with how each marble looks exactly like the name!  They come in names like cow, jellyfish, comet, zombie, camouflage, Bengal tiger, monarch butterfly, jungle, sea turtle, and on and on.  Most of the names come from animals, space, insects, fantasy or creepy things- all perfect for little boys, and girls as well.  Here are just a for you to see.  There are many, many more!

DIY Christmas Gift Box {With Favorite Marbles Inside} from Blissful Roots
Milky Way

DIY Christmas Gift Box {With Favorite Marbles Inside} from Blissful Roots
White Tiger

DIY Christmas Gift Box {With Favorite Marbles Inside} from Blissful Roots

DIY Christmas Gift Box {With Favorite Marbles Inside} from Blissful Roots

Aren't they gorgeous?  I never knew marble collecting could be so much fun!  My boys even got a marble mat last year, and know how to play.  They each have their jar of marbles.  Sometimes they trade marbles, and other times they lose a few in a game.  It's been a fun hobby for them (and me).

These marbles make the perfect stocking stuffer, or in my case, small gift to fit inside a DIY gift box.  Oh, and they're not expensive at all.  You get a shooter and 24 marbles for around $3!

Thank you to Land of Marbles for all of the marble images.  And thank you for stopping by!  I hope you found a little something worth your time.

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