Eleven years ago I married a guy who never failed to treat me right (that still holds true to this day).  I taught first grade for the first five years of our marriage and loved everything about it.  At the beginning of my sixth year of teaching we were lucky enough to have twin boys.  They became my full time job and so I left teaching.  We moved, built a house, moved some more, were lucky again to have another little boy (born three years later, but on the day after the twins' birthday), and moved yet again.  My days are filled with the hustle and bustle of little boys and squeezing in time for creating. 

The name of my blog, Blissful Roots, took me a good six months to come up with (I can be a bit indecisive at times).  Lucky for me, one of my local radio stations decided to play a bit of old Garth Brooks (I hope some of you out there are fans- I am) on the radio one day.  Friends in Low Places came on.  My favorite part of the song is the beginning line, "Blame it all on my roots, I showed up in boots, And ruined your black tie affair."  I can't say I've shown up uninvited to a black tie affair (in boots are any other footwear), but it did get me thinking about my roots.   I began thinking of why I do what I do and why I love the things I love.  The answer was simple- my roots.  My grandma (at 85) still makes the best macaroni salad, plants a garden, and sends you home with an armful of goodies.  My grandpa has been known to build an entire house on his own, cut out sections of a roof and raise them to make more room in the attic, and turn a swampy hallow into an outdoor paradise.  My parents kept these traditions alive and well in my family and added their own touches- a mom who made every holiday fun and memorable, and a dad whose talent for teaching made my choice of career easy.   So, my love for holidays, cooking, remodeling, decorating, teaching, creating and much more comes to me by way of those who came before.  Welcome to Blissful Roots.  Here's to hoping you find a little something worth your time.

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  1. New follower from www.thememorynest.blogspot.com Love your blog and the name. Would love for you to follow back. : )

  2. Brooke- Tania mentioned your blog on facebook- I have been glued to it since I started looking at it. I love it! You are so talented in you wording!

    1. Hello, Emily!! You are the first person I know that has commented on my blog. What a pleasant surprise! The thing about my blog is, I tell people I don't want people I know knowing about it. Silly, right? I don't mind strangers taking a look, but I guess I'm a bit shy about people I do know. Anyway, I'm so glad you stopped by! And thanks for your kind words. Hope all is well! How are your parents? I bet you miss them like crazy! Thanks again, Emily!!

  3. I love your blog and thanks for the darling free printables.. I on occasion make cards to sell at a very small gift shop in my very small town (prob no more than 30-40cards a year?) and was wondering if you would allow your printables to be used in combination with my designs on occasion for this purpose? I'm probably not looking in the right place, but I have not been able to find that information anywhere on your blog. Thanks again!

  4. What a sweet family! I'm using your idea of tin can scrap paper and giving them as teacher gifts.

    Hope you'll stop by www.thewritesteph.com! :-)

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