December 20, 2012

Teacher Gifts & Printable

I'm guessing most of you have sent your child's teacher a Christmas gift already.  We just got ours all put together and sent off today.  If you still need an idea for this year (or maybe you're super on the ball and are already thinking about next year), here's one for you.

We LOVE the little oranges available this time of year.  We buy a bag every week, and my boys devour them!  Every time we sit down for a meal my three-year-old says, "I'll go get the orange to peel."  He really likes the peeling process! 
 Anyway, I loved getting treats and goodies as a teacher, but sometimes something a little more healthy was nice.  For my twins' teacher I just bought a small glass bowl at the dollar store and wrapped some oranges in clear plastic wrap.  I tied it with a cute red ribbon and add a gift tag I'd made with my Cricut Preserves Cartridge (this cartridge has tons of cute tag, and card shapes to be used).

For my wrapping, I used a roll of brown craft paper, added red yarn, a tissue paper flower (I use these for everything!), and another gift tag I made.

I have to say I think my favorite part of the whole gift may have been this cute card.  I found it at Michaels yesterday in their 2 for $3 bins.  And guess what?  They were on sale for 50 cents!  I bought all they had left (which was only four).  So, hurry out to Michaels and stock up.

I got so excited to wrap the present that I forgot to take a picture of what was inside. :)  I found a teaching quote on Pinterest and retyped it.  I printed it out on white card stock and put it in a black 5X7 frame from the dollar store.  I have a link here if you'd like to print one out for yourself.  This quote is great for any time of year, so if you've already given your Christmas gift, save this for another occasion.  

I hope you found something you liked.  As a former teacher, I know how much small tokens of appreciation mean.  It was fun to get gifts, but the thought meant so much more!  I still have a file of notes from students and parents that I will treasure forever!  Teachers are amazing and need to be reminded of it.
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  1. Thanks for representing us teachers! To those of you reading this post, middle school and high school teachers still appreciate gifts! It's not just the elementary teachers! :)

    1. You bet they do! Thanks for the reminder. I don't know how those middle & high school teachers do it. I was glad to have first grade issues to deal with, not everything that comes with adolescence. My hats off to them!


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