March 21, 2013

Young Artists' Work

One of my twins recently check out this book at our local library.  

It's the perfect drawing book for young children.  I would highly recommend it!  My twins are six, and could easily draw everything in it.  They got so into this book that they took an entire morning drawing everything in it. 

I was so impressed with their drawings!  I knew I needed to come up with a way to save them, and not let them end up in a pile like this one.  Look familiar?  Do you struggle to keep your kid's artwork organized?  It can be a bit daunting at times.  

I've been really into these $1 mini photo albums I (you can find them just about anywhere).  I used them for our Valentine love notes journals in February, and have recently used one to store my boys' magic trick instructions.  If you need an easy, inexpensive way to store small pictures, papers, projects, instructions, or anything else- these albums are perfect!

Once my boys were done with their pictures, I cut each one out with my paper cutter.  Lucky for me, they put one picture on each page (not so good in the conserving paper department, however) so it was really easy to cut them out.  Then I cut out a piece of card stock to mount each picture on.  To finish off, I stamped the type of vehicle on the bottom of the card stock.   Then I could easily slide each picture into one of the photo protector pages.  Aren't these much cuter than the pile?

I even made a little cover for the front of the album to make it look really official for them.  

You could easily adapt this idea for larger pieces of artwork, and use a three ring binder.  I don't do this for everything my boys do, but something that took this much time, and shows a lot of their own effort is definitely worth keeping.  
I know projects like this takes a bit of time and effort, but look how you can turn your child's artwork into more than just art.  My boys now have a little book they can look at and read.  Their pictures would also be fantastic decor framed on a wall, or hung on a string with clothespins. 

I challenge you to go through that stack of papers you've been collecting of your child's artwork, and find a way to preserve or display them, rather than hiding in a pile.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you found a little something worth your time. 

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