April 29, 2013

Roll-A-Leprechaun (Fun Family Game & Printable)

I know we're way past St. Patrick's Day, but I did this post over at Or So She Says in March, and haven't had a chance to put the entire post here at Blissful Roots.  Like I mention at the end of this post, you can easily adapt this game to fit any  holiday or time of year. 

I first "met" Mariel when she left a comment on my Roll-A-Christmas Tree post back in December.  I was first, thrilled she would even comment, and second excited to hear someone else liked the game, because we LOVE it at our house.  We love it so much that we've done Roll-A-Pumpkin (thanks to The Happy Home Fairy), Roll-A-Christmas Tree, Roll-A-Snowman, and now just in time for St. Patrick's Day, Roll-A-Leprechaun.

I love this game because the whole family can play, and it can be played over and over again.  The object of the game is to be the first player to complete his/her leprechaun.  The rules are just as stated on the page above.  You take turns rolling the dice, and follow the instructions according to which number you roll.  To play you'll need two dice, the leprechaun outline (thanks to Jennie at  Fun Learning At Home for the great template of the leprechaun body outline), markers, colored pencils, or crayons, and the instructions. 

Another fun aspect of this game comes in displaying the end product.  You could put them all together in a book to keep, frame them for a Leprechaun Wall of Fame, or simply attach them to a string with clothespins (like we did in the picture below).  My boys are extremely proud of their leprechauns and stop to admire them each time they pass by.

We played the game last week, and here's how our leprechaun's turned out.  Aren't they cute?  Can you tell whose is whose?  I love to watch the leprechauns take life throughout the game, and see the unique touches each person adds.


As I mentioned before, this game can be adapted for any holiday or occasion.  Easter's just around the corner.  See what you can come up with for Roll-A-Bunny, Egg, or Basket.  
I hope you found a little something worth your time  You can click here to print out the instructions, and here to print out the leprechaun outline page.  If you're in need of any other St. Patrick's Day activities, come visit me at  Blissful Roots.  I've been working on a Leprechaun Clue Book, and a Shades of Green color activity.  We'll see you in April here at Or So She Says, or stop by Blissful Roots anytime.  Happy St.Patrick's Day (a tad bit early)!
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  1. Oh I love this idea! I've never heard of this game before, but it sounds like it would be so much fun. Thanks for sharing your pic of your leprechauns...too cute! I think this would be great to use at one of our after-school library programs.

  2. Hey, Leah! So glad to see you here! I was just over at Sunflower Storytime. Did you get my comment on you Bathtime & Bubbles post? Anyway, I 'm so glad you like this game. It is so much fun! You can do it for any holiday or season. I think Roll-A-Garden would be so much fun for spring/summer. Thanks so much for commenting. I love what you do over at Sunflowers Storytime. I used to teach first grade, so books are a huge part of our lives! Have a wonderful day!

  3. I love this idea. So cute! I've printed off some copies for next week. Thank you!!

  4. Any chance you have a version of the rules in a white background? This would suck the life out of my printer to do this one at home, and I'm having a hard time converting it to a jpg in the right size to do it at Costco (which I don't really have time to pick up either!)


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