May 3, 2013

Nightstand Make Over

In my post last Friday I gave you a sneak peak of what I had in the works for my nightstand refresher.  I promised the finished product today, and even though it's not completely done (how most of my projects tend to be) here it is.

I don't think I've mentioned before that we're staying with my in-laws right now.  Since I know it's temporary, I really haven't done much with decorating.  Then one day, I just decided temporary or not, I can still make my space inviting and fun for me. 

I have a bit of a pencil can obsession (see here and here).  I love making cute cans to house my cute writing tools.  I do a lot of writing at night before I go to bed, so I needed a good supply close by.

I also like to read at night, so I keep a bookmark handy (click here to see how to make one for yourself).  And I try to write little notes to others once in awhile, so I have a few cards as well.

This memory board isn't technically part of my nightstand, but it does hang on the wall to the side of it.  It's completely undressed. I have plans for quotes, banners, and pictures to go on it, but I haven't quite gotten around to that yet. So far, I just a few things on it.  They may or may not stay on it by the time I'm finished with it.

I think my favorite part of the entire nightstand is my $7 clock from Walmart.  Isn't it cute?  I'm in love with the look of it!  It does tick, and this probably sounds silly, but I have to put it under the bed when I sleep because the ticking drives me (and my husband) crazy.  But during the day I don't even notice the sound, and it looks fabulous!

I did get a few questions about my peacock.  This is a very close second favorite(maybe even a tie) to my clock.  I got it at TJ Maxx.  It's a canvas piece of art.  TJ Maxx always has great art for cheap!  It was my inspiration for the whole nightstand.  I'm usually at a loss unless I have a single item to set up the whole color scheme and feel of the space I'm working on.  This peacock was exactly what I needed to begin working.  

 I'll keep you updated on any other finishing touches I make to my nightstand.  I can tell you it sure makes me happy to climb into bed at night (after putting my tick-tock clock to bed under my bed) next to such a darling little nightstand.  I love making small spaces happy places! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you found a little something worth your time.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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