May 14, 2013

"We're Raising Boys" {Printable Quote}

We had a taste of summer yesterday here in Utah.  My boys were outside almost all day long.  They gathered snails out of my mother-in-law's flower beds (for a nickel a snail), ran through the sprinkler, chased our chickens (update on them coming soon, they're so BIG!) around the yard,  roasted marshmallows, and decided to dig up a cactus in the field behind my in-law's house.  My husband spend a good half an hour getting pokies out of toes and fingers after that little adventure.

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As I was busy keeping up with my boys throughout their adventurous day, this quote kept coming to my mind.  EVERY mother of boys needs this one.  I love how true it is, and how it reminds me to focus on what's important

 I really didn't want to have campfire-smelling hair (for the third time in five days) as our night drew to a close, but then one of my twins said, "it sure is the perfect night for a campfire!"  He was exactly right!  The temperature, the evening sky, the gentle breeze- perfect.  So, I went to bed with campfire hair again, and I'll probably go to be with campfire hair many more nights this summer, but we can't pass up those perfect nights now can we? 

They may be tearing up the grass from time to time, but those faces make every blade worth it!

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