June 7, 2013

Patriotic Puzzles

I've mentioned before I'm a bit of a puzzle nerd.  I love doing puzzles, especially ones associated with holidays. 
We do a lot of puzzles in the the winter when we're indoors more, but I've found some great patriotic puzzles that would be perfect for this time of year.

So Proudly We Hail  by Charles Wysocki

Young Patriots by Charles Wysocki

Bang, Boom, Bam, & Pow by Charles Wysocki
Mansfield Air Spectacular by Charles Wysocki

You probably recognize a theme here.  These are all Charles Wysocki puzzles.  I like doing just about any kind of puzzle, but his are my favorite!  I would love to set up a table under a big shade tree, sip lemonade, and spend a peaceful summer evening working on one of these.

What kind of puzzles do you like?
Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you found a little something worth your time.

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