October 9, 2013

Ghost Sugar Cookies

It wouldn't be Halloween at our house without these edible friendly visitors.  I'm quickly beginning to realize that everything I love about Halloween comes from my childhood.  My mom used to make these ghost sugar cookies for our town carnival every year.  They were always a hit, and they still are today at my house.

Ghost Sugar Cookies @ Blissful Roots

You can use your favorite sugar cookie recipe for these guys, or buy the ready-to-go sugar cookie dough from the store.  My favorite sugar cookie recipe comes from Kneaders (a cafe & bakery here in Utah).  I posted their recipe back in February for my Valentine cookies.  You can click here for that recipe, if you'd like.  I LOVE the Kneaders recipe because the cookies have the most amazing flavor!  You add honey, nutmeg, and lemon extract to the dough.  So, so yummy!

Ghost Sugar Cookies @ Blissful Roots

I've learned (like toilet paper rolls) that not all ghost cookie cutters are made equally.  Maybe I'm just picky, but don't you think some of the ghost cookie cutters out there are a bit odd?  I think the problem for me is that I keep envisioning the exact cookie cutter my mom used all those years ago, and I haven't found one close to it yet.  

Well, this past weekend when we were visiting my parents, my mom hunted countless stores to find the one I've used here.  It's not exactly like the one I remember, but closer than anything else I've found.  My mom found it at Walmart.  It's a Wilton cutter.  It is pretty big, but I really like the larger size.

Ghost Sugar Cookies @ Blissful Roots

We always use the mini chocolate chips for the eyes.  I did try some regular size chips, but they didn't look as cute as the minis, so I stuck with them.  I also used semi sweet chips.  I like the darker color of the chocolate for the eyes.  They look more black than brown.  You can add a mouth or anything else you'd like to add personality.  Just the eyes work for me.  

Ghost Sugar Cookies @ Blissful Roots

So, there you have my favorite Halloween treat.  Pretty simple, but the memories I have of these ghosts make them so endearing to me. 
 What are your favorite Halloween treats?

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  1. These are so cute!!! I have to try your sugar cookie dough..I love the sound of a hint of nutmeg.

    1. I promise you'll love them! The flavor is amazing. I can eat them without frosting, and that's saying a lot! Thanks so much for visiting, Zainab. Come back anytime!


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