June 11, 2014

Fresh Strawberry Shake

I am almost always a chocolate girl.  My husband and I can never share ice cream or shakes because he always wants fruity ones, and while I do love fruit, I need chocolate or something chocolaty in my ice cream.

Fresh Strawberry Shake @ Blissful Roots

Yes, I never thought I'd change my tune, and for the majority of my life that held true (minus La Beau's famous fresh raspberry shakes).  Then one day I discovered Our Best Bites strawberry sauce.  I don't know why, but it called my name.  The sauce was in the breakfast section of their cookbook.  I normally wouldn't pay any attention to a fruity syrup, but in the description at the top of the recipe it suggested using the sauce with vanilla ice cream and milk for a yummy shake.  That's when my taste buds perked up!

Fresh Strawberry Shake @ Blissful Roots

It's been several years since I made my first batch of the fresh strawberry sauce, and this is still our go-to shake at my house.  Not only for my husband and boys (who are fruity like their dad), but for me as well.  I love, love, love this shake!  The fresh strawberries, sugar, and vanilla (or almond flavoring) make the perfect sauce to dump in the blender with a bit of vanilla ice cream and milk.  The sauce always makes the shake taste fresh, even when I've frozen the sauce and used it.

Fresh Strawberry Shake @ Blissful Roots

Sorry to not have exact measurements, but if I can just throw in the amounts I think are right, then so can you.  I usually start with some sauce in the bottom of my Ninja, add the ice cream and milk (just a little bit, you can always add more later), and then add some more sauce on top.  Then I blend away.  You can always add more sauce for flavor, or if the strawberry flavor's too much, just add more ice cream.  I keep my strawberry sauce in pint jars (fresh in the fridge, or frozen) and I'd say I use half, or just over half of the pint, when I make our shakes (which makes 4-5 small shakes).

Fresh Strawberry Shakes
Vanilla ice cream

The perfect, delicious way to cool down on the hot summer days ahead!

What are your favorite homemade shakes?

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you found a little something worth your time.

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  1. Looks delicious, Brooke....and I LOVE the addition of vanilla or almond extract! I'm sure it makes the shake extra delicious!!

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  7. I saw this recipe on Pinterest last week and decided to try it out. The short answer? It was delicious! The only thing I did different than the recipe is that I used stevia as a substitute for diet soda. I haven't really liked write my assignment for me-Assignmentcorner.co.uk reading about it, but my husband didn't have any foam with his shake so maybe he likes using erythritol more anyways (lol). This was great without food coloring added but of course we added a few drops to the top. YUMMMMYY that is all I need for me!I usually only like blue raspberrys so this was FUN in our house tonight:)

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