July 29, 2014

Thank Heaven For Little Boys {Printable}

I announced a few months ago that we'll be welcoming boy number four to our family in October.  I've had great intentions of posting a lot of baby posts, but this summer has been a bit more hectic than I'd planned.  In a way that's good because the time has flown by (down to 3 months!), but in other ways I feel like I want time to slow down, so I'm ready for this little guy.  Well, in all honesty, with three other boys born in October, I probably don't need to buy a single thing besides diapers, but I do want to have a few new things around for when he comes home!
Thank Heaven For Little Boys {Printable} @ Blissful Roots
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I only know little boys at my house, and I do thank Heaven each and every day for them.  They add a dimension to my life that would otherwise go undiscovered, and I love them for that!  And sure they can be rough and tough and a bit unruly, but their tender side seems extra tender at times, and it's just about the sweetest thing on Earth!  This is a picture of my twins with brother number three the day we brought him home from the hospital (they couldn't come to see him in the hospital because of the terrible flu season we were having that year).  I will never forget this day!  They could NOT get enough of him!  His nose, his toes, his eyelashes, his ears, every last part of him.  I cannot wait to bring baby boy number four home, and watch the magic all over again!
Thank Heaven for little boys!

Thank Heaven For Little Boys {Printable} @ Blissful Roots

This printable is quite simple, maybe even plain, but as I've said before, I've come to love clean, simple, and fresh more and more these days.  Less is more!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you found a little something worth your time.

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