March 11, 2015

Printable Irish Blessings {Repost}

I wasn't going to do another Irish blessing printable today because I just did one last week, but then I thought this is the only time of year I'll do these, so I might as well get them in while I can.  

And in case you missed last week's Irish blessing printable, here it is. 

I hope you enjoy these printables.  Simply click on each image to print them out.

  Are you ready for St. Patrick's Day?  We had our little leprechaun visit again tonight.  He left Harry Potter Bertie Bott's (we're reading the books together- we're almost done with #4).  My boys thought they were the coolest thing ever!  However, the vomit flavored bean held true to it's name.  One of my twins may or may not have had a very strong reflux reaction to it.  We made it to the bathroom just in time, I'm glad to say.  They thought that part was even cooler than the unusual names and flavors of the beans.  I really never have a dull moment with my three boys around!  We'll see what our little leprechaun does or leaves tomorrow.

Thanks so much for visiting!  I hope you found a little something worth your time.

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