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  1. I’m reaching out to you today in an effort to network. Your blog has caught my attention and I’d love to “get in on the ground floor” with you for some networking as we grow. I understand that we all have different goals and what I’ve outlined may not be for you. I respect that.
    I am just starting to network online. In February I started attending an occasional Linky Party. In March, I started attending more Linky Parties (almost daily). I also comment on about 5 other links per party and ask for a visit back.
    Today is my first time as a co-host of a Pinterest Party and I will be doing a Guest Post on another blog in April.
    So far this month, my traffic is up from 20-40 visits to over 100 visits a day (sometimes closer to 200), I get from 5-25 comments a day and my blog flowers have almost doubled. In less than a month.
    So, my plan going forward is this:
    ·         I will continue to Link Up and leave comments
    ·         I’m considering hosting (or co-hosting) my own weekly Link Up party
    ·         I’d like to target smaller blogs to reach out to and network (such as we would co-host, guest post, follow each other’s social media boards, form a Private FB support group, and???). I’d like to have a community to reach out to for tips, advice, etc.
    ·         I’d like to offer a guest blogger place on my blog a few times a month
    ·         I will feature the blogs in my Blogs I Follow list
    Like I said, I’m just getting started and this is really all I can think of to do right now. I’d love to hear any input or suggestions that you have!
    Would you be interesting in co-hosting a weekly Linky Party?
    Would you be up for a Guest Post on my blog sometime in April or May? The topic would be up to you ~ DIY, Craft, etc. related.
    Let me know what you think ~ or if you know of someone else that might be interested?
    ~ Megin of VMG206


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