December 4, 2012

Christmas Countdown Blocks & Printable

I tend to get a bit carried away with Christmas countdowns.  We have advent calendars, a December calendar, an ornament a day countdown, our Days 'Til Christmas blocks,....  I could go on and on.   Just like I mentioned in my post here, I love how calendars and countdowns help kids with math concepts.  I have six-year-old twins and a three-year-old.  These kind of activities are perfect for teaching them about numbers while anticipating an exciting event.  

I  know there's a million countdown blocks out there, but I think it's always fun to see someone else's take on them.  

*2 wooden blocks (mine are 2 inch squares, but any size will do)
*craft paint
*scrapbook paper
*Mod Podge or glue
*decorative stickers/embellishments (optional)
*glitter (optional)
*Days 'Til Christmas printable

There's not really any rocket science involved in the assembly.  I painted my blocks, used Mod Podge to put the scrapbook paper on, and then put my numbers on.  I didn't have any number stickers on hand, so I cut out some numbers from my Cricut Classic Font cartridge and put red glitter on them.  
I then printed out my 'Days 'Til Christmas' wording, cut it down, and mounted it on two pieces of scrapbook paper. 

Okay, so there may be a tad bit of rocket science involved with the numbers on the blocks. I started putting the numbers on and quickly realized there weren't enough sides on each block to have every number (0 through 9).  Luckily, Jenny at Jenny Garland had the low down on how the numbers should be arranged on the blocks.  Thank you, Jenny!  I would probably still be trying to figure it out.  Here's how the blocks and numbers should be.

Block #1
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Block #2
0, 1, 2, 6, 7, 8  (make sure your number 6 can be flipped upside down to look like a 9)

That's about all there is to it.  I just lean my blocks and sign against a green glittery Christmas tree I found in the dollar bins at Target, but you could display them any way you'd like. 
 Only 21 days left until Christmas.  Are you ready?  I'm not, but I'm determined to be ready a week before this year (I say that every year).  :)
P.S.  Here's a quote for you today as well.


Chop your own wood, and it will warm you twice.”
-Henry Ford


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  2. Thanks, Karri! I appreciate your nice comment and the invite. I will link up right away. Thanks again!

  3. Welcome to Our Favorite Things and thanks for linking up.

  4. Great idea, Brooke, love it! ~Lorraine

  5. Brooke, I featured your countdown at this week's link party. Thanks for joining and have a great week.

  6. Hi I just found your blog through The Pinteresting Party. I am your newest follower! :o)

    Your block look super cute. I will be sharing them on my pinterest page.

    Robyn from

    1. Thanks for sharing my blocks on Pinterest! I need to get pinning some of the yummy recipes I've been seeing on you site!


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