December 21, 2012

Christmas Gift Exchange Games

We have a houseful of cousins here today for a sleepover, so this is a quick little post. 

We have a local lifestyle show here in Utah- Studio 5.  I used to watch it every day, but my life is a bit more busy these days, so I don't get to see it as often as I'd like.  Several years ago I saw a cute idea from Alisa Bangerter (she's full of amazing ideas!).  She put together a whole list of ideas for Christmas gift exchange games.  After seeing her idea, I decided our family needed to give it a try.  We now do it every year.  Everyone brings a $5 gift for the game.  We try to make the gifts very gender neutral, because in some of the games you never know which gift you might end up with. 

 My boys look forward to the game as much as they do Santa coming.  They remember the games every year, and get so excited to see which one Aunt Miss is going to do this year!  
Go take a look at Alisa's list.  There's over 20 game ideas.  You can do the same game every year, or choose a new one each year (that's what we do).  I promise it will quickly become a new, favorite holiday tradition!  
Happy Friday!

Thank you dry icons for the cute graphic!
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  1. I really like these exchange ideas! I'm looking fro ideas for work. Last year we did a five days of giving exchange. It was done as secret santa's, I had a third party match pairs up and notify everyone of their "elf" It was then Santa's Job to for 5 days make sure their "elf" on designated days had their workspace decorated,given an ornament (used to decorate the department tree), received a special baked good (preferably homemade), given a homemade greeting card, and on the final day given a re-gift. It was left up to the Santa's as to whether they wanted to reveal themselves.
    Participation was reluctant at first, but in the end everyone was excited to find a new treat each day.


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