December 5, 2012

Some Of My Favorite Things

I don't know if we have Julie Andrews to thank for 'My Favorite Things', or Oprah.  I like them both, but Julie did it before Oprah, so I think I'm going to have to go with her.  :)

Here are a few of My Favorite Things during this holiday time of year.

This adorable cupcake in a jar from Lil' Luna.  I came across it on Pinterest  (my December board is getting out of control!).  I love that it would be the perfect little gift with such fun and unique packaging!  LOVE IT!

Fresh Balsam Wallflower from Bath & Body Works.  If you don't have a Wallflower, this scent also comes in a candle.  I have even been known to buy the tiny candle, dig out the wax and melt it in my Scentsy burner.  It works great!   I love the smell of a fresh Christmas tree, but this is even better because it lasts longer!

Do you know Diana at Our Vintage Home Love?  If not, go right now!  Are you back?  Okay, so I don't "know" her either, but I have been reading her blog from the beginning.  She has such a beautiful, natural, simple style.  I also love how she can build ANYTHING!  She is an inspiration on many levels.  She made this darling Pottery Barn inspired advent calendar that I just adore.   I need to go get me some wood and little buckets. 

Twisted Peppermint hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works.  I keep this in my purse and put it on when I'm driving just so my car smells good.  I find lots of excuses to put this one on.  My boys even love it and don't mind getting their hands clean when it smells like a candy cane.

Charles Wysocki.   Does the name ring a bell?  In my family it totally does.  I guess I would be considered a bit of a puzzle nerd.  I LOVE puzzles.  I grew up doing them, and for me it isn't quite a completed holiday without one or two.  I haven't done this particular puzzle, but have done just about every other Christmas one of his.  I think this needs to be added to my Christmas list.  Charming is the word that always comes to mind when I see his work.  He has many puzzles for all seasons.  I found this one on Amazon.
I hope you found a little something you liked!  What are some of you favorite holiday things?

Yes, I was featured!  Well, my Christmas In/Out Game was featured.  I'm a little giddy about it.  Thank you, Tara for making my day.   She will forever have a special place in my heart- my first feature.  Go check her out out The Trendy Tree House.
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