November 18, 2013

DIY Mayflower Place Cards

A few years ago I ran across this cute Mayflower centerpiece from Martha Stewart.  I was getting ready to put things together for our family's annual First Thanksgiving Dinner and thought these would be the perfect touch for our table. 

DIY Mayflower Place Cards from Blissful Roots

Martha used her Mayflower as a centerpiece for the kids' table.  I used the Mayflowers as place cards for our entire table.  You can use them wherever and however you'd like.

I printed out the template on card stock, cut it out, and then traced the boat template onto brown card stock.  After I cut the boat out, then I hot glued the boats together.  You can click here for Martha's instructions.  One tip on gluing.  I just add a small line of hot glue to the sides of the boat.  Then I push the ends of the boat to open it, and put the bottom down inside.  I don't even glue the bottom.  As long as your appetizers isn't heavy, the bottom of the boat should stay without glue.  If you're going to move the boats a lot or load them up with snacks, then I would suggest gluing the bottom.

  I did add a sail to my boats, but just one (Martha had two).  I stamped each person's name on the sail, then I hot glued the sail to a trimmed bamboo skewer.

  Finally, I  filled each boat with some goodies.  This year I used a trail mix, but in year's past I've put this honey popcorn in the boats.  That was a huge hit!  You can fill your boats with whatever you'd like.  The boats aren't very big, so don't worry about everyone getting too full on the appetizer.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you found a little something worth your time.

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