November 25, 2013

Turkey Math Game For Kids {In/Out}

'Tis the week of Thanksgiving.  I love this week (can you tell I'm not in charge of cooking and/or hosting Thanksgiving dinner?)!  I feel like it's the first official week of the holiday season.  For me, even anything Christmas goes this week.  I do wait to decorate until the day after Thanksgiving, but there have been a lot of bits and pieces of Christmas creeping up around our house lately.

Turkey Math Game For Kids {In/Out} from Blissful Roots

 I do have some more Thanksgiving posts up through Thursday, but Friday I'll be ringing in the Christmas holiday season!

I've been helping out in my twins' first grade classroom on Fridays.  I get to do math centers with the kids.  I love being there, and it makes me REALLY miss teaching.  

We played this game last time I went to volunteer.  I used this games when I taught first grade as well.  The kids always loved it, and it's a great way to teach addition and subtraction.  You can make this game as generic or holiday-themed as you like.  I'm a bit of a holiday fanatic, so I can't not put some sort of holiday twist on it (hence, the turkey and fall-colored Kisses).

Turkey Math Game For Kids {In/Out} from Blissful Roots

I have all the instructions here for how to play, but in a nutshell you pick a certain number of counters (or candy in our case), and one person hides a few counters under the turkey pot, leaving some outside as well.  The other buddy has to then guess how many counters are in the pot based on the number they began with, and the number of counters on the outside.  Then the buddies switch rolls and play over and over.  You can change the number of counters/candy to small and easy for younger kids, or larger and more challenging for older kids.

I like having my boys record how many counters are in and out each time.  That way they can see the different combinations written out.  I have printable record sheets for the turkey version of the game here.

This game is the perfect way to keep your kids doing a bit of "homework" over the break while having fun, and celebrating this Thanksgiving time of year.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you found a little something worth your time.

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