February 10, 2014

Love Takes Time {Thoughts on Love}

My good friend, Mariel @ Or So She Says had a post last week that was focused on stories of love (click here to see it).  It was such an inspiring post, and it made me smile because I had something very similar lined up for today's post here at Blissful Roots.  Great minds think alike, I guess!

Love Takes Time {Thoughts on Love} from Blissful Roots

Anyway, I have a link (click here for it) to share today that I'm hoping you'll take the time to visit.  It's a link from lds.org.  I searched the word love there, and it pulled up quotes, stories, talks, songs, and scriptures on love.  Each night this past week I've been taking minute to read through some of the wonderful thoughts on love. 

One of my favorites comes from Marvin J. Ashton's talk, "Love Takes Time".  He tells a story of a father telling his young son he loves him. The young son tells the father he doesn't want him to love him, he wants him to play football with him.  He goes on to say that if we're not careful we can use the phrase "I love you" as our excuse for showing love.  When in reality, saying it is not showing it.  Not to say we should say, "I love you" as often as we can, but we can't use that as our only expression of love.  We have to take the time to show that love.  He states,

Love demands action if it is to be continuing.
Love is a process.
Love is not a declaration.
Love is not an announcement.
Love is not a passing fancy.
Love is not an expediency.  
Love is not a convenience.

I'm sure we all can agree with these statements, but often times it's hard to remember.  Love is amazingly wonderful, but also extremely demanding.  I know I can do a much better job of showing love in all my relationships, not just saying it.  I hope you take the time to read all of Elder Ashton's talk. I gained a lot of insights on love.  Insights that I needed to be reminded of.

I also love this scripture that I found in the link.

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear…
(1 John 4:18)

There are so, so many other wonderful thoughts on love.  Definitions of love, working on love at home, loving all, love in marriage, and loving friends (just to name a few). 

I'm so grateful for inspired words!  I have to say I now have a new appreciation for this holiday of love.  I really, really love all of the commercial hoopla, decorations, candy, and fun associated with Valentine's Day (just look at my sidebar), but I'm really going to be more genuine and meaningful with my expressions of love this Valentine's Day, and throughout the coming year.  

I also just want to give a big thank you to my wonderful parents for letting feel what its like to be loved.  They are the most selfless, loving, doing-anything-for-you people I know.  I talk to my mom on the phone frequently, (we don't get to see each too often) and she always tells me she loves me, which is always nice to hear, but I know she loves me because of what she does.  Her actions speak volumes!  I'm the person I am today because of their love, and I'm trying to emulate their example with my boys.  So, not only am  I grateful for inspired words, but very grateful for acts of love in my behalf, and tremendous examples. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you found a little something worth your time.

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  1. Great post Brooke! I will definitely read the links. --Jessi

    1. Thanks so much, Jessi! You and your family are experiencing love in a way most of us will never understand. Thanks for your tremendous example of love and faith! Take care!!! Love you all!

  2. Wonderful post! My husband and I differ on this idea often. He says I love you all the time but yet I don't feel like he shows it (at least not in the ways I need him to) and he says I don't say it enough yet I feel like I show it all the time in the small special things I do for him each day. I told him I would rather be shown love. Saying I love you is wonderful and is great to hear. If you really love me you will wash the dishes or fix my coffee in the morning. It's the small special things I love.


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