February 20, 2014

Sticker Stencil Art For Kids

My four-year-old and I do a little "school" every morning.  He has a late birthday, and won't start kindergarten until the fall of 2015.  I know a lot of kids do two years of preschool, but we've always just done one.  I love to teach my boys at home anyway (at least during the preschool years, I'm not sure I have what it takes to always do it).

Sticker Stencil Art For Kids from Blissful Roots

A few weeks ago while doing school we finished a page in his counting sticker book and had this left over.  I immediately thought it was the perfect stencil for a fun art project for my him.  He loves to paint, and so it's fun to find new creative ways to do it.

Sticker Stencil Art For Kids from Blissful Roots

We took the sticker stencil, (the left over part of stickers you usually just throw away) pulled it off of the sticker page, then stuck it to a piece of white card stock.  My four-year-old then went to town painting each circle a different color.  It looked a bit messy, but the magic happened when we pulled the stencil off!  We were left with these perfectly (well, four-year-old perfect) round colorful circles.  We did have a little tear in the stencil, hence the two  conjoined pink circles, but anomalies are cool, right?  An instant, free, amazing piece of art for his bedroom! 

Sticker Stencil Art For Kids from Blissful Roots

Sticker Stencil Art For Kids from Blissful Roots

 We used Crayola's Washable Kids' Paint for his first project, but I'm thinking water colors would be amazing as well.

Sticker Stencil Art For Kids from Blissful Roots

Sticker Stencil Art For Kids from Blissful Roots

I even started experimenting myself.  I used some Mod Podge and gold glitter.  I think I need to fine-tune it a bit, but the potential it definitely there!  Stay tuned.

So, next time you buy or use a set of stickers, don't throw away the outer stencil part.  Save it for an art project for your kids, or a home decor project for yourself.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you found a little something worth your time.

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