September 18, 2014

Apple Poems For Kids

I ran across some old apple poems I used when I taught first grade the other day.  They brought back some fun memories, and they looked as old as they are (about 7  years, or so).  I need to update the look of the poems, but the words are still as fun and engaging as they were back then.  They make me want to sit down with a group of first graders and do a shared reading!

Apple Poems For Kids @ Blissful Roots

In a perfect world, I've have printables for all of the poems for you, but that's not quite going to happen.  At least you can see the words, and make your own copy of each one.

Apple Poems For Kids @ Blissful Roots

Poems are such a fun way to bring in a literary element to your holiday festivities!   I have all these memorized (even from 7 years ago) and will just repeat them to my boys every now and again.  Often times in the car, or when we need a little settling down time.

Apple Poems For Kids @ Blissful Roots

If you have a copy of the poems you can do a bit of shared reading with your little ones at home.  Have them point out letters they know, or do an "I spy" game with them.  You could also count how many times the word 'apple' is used in each poem.  Just be creative.  Help your little ones fin any letter, punctuation, word, anything literary they can find is great!  And leave the poems up where your kids will see them often.  You'll be amazed with what they'll catch on to just by seeing it frequently.

Apple Poems For Kids @ Blissful Roots

This last poem can go to the tune of "Ten Little Indians" so I guess it could qualify as a song, instead of a poem.  Songs are great because they're so quick and easy to memorize and are so engaging!

Apple Poems For Kids @ Blissful Roots

Happy apple rhyming!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you found a little something worth your time.

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