November 21, 2012

Thankful Game & Printable

My boys love a good guessing game, so last year at Thanksgiving we played a little game during dinner.  Before dinner everyone got a card and wrote down five things they were thankful for.  Then we put all the cards in a pile and during dinner I read each card out loud.  We had to guess who had written the card based on their thankful list.  Some were dead giveaways, (my two-year-old had Thomas the Train on his list) but others were a bit harder.  It was a great way to reflect on our blessings and have some fun.  We didn't have a huge group of people at our dinner, so it was easy to do together.  You could have each table be a group or even do it with everyone before or after dinner.

Last year we just had plain pieces of paper to write on.  But, I always love an excuse to make something cute, so I decided to make some cards to print out this year.

 I need to figure out how to share a download on my blog.  Check back later tonight for a link to the "I am Thankful for..." cards.  Hopefully I'll have it figured out by then.  I have them in black, gray, orange, and brown.  I got the download to work.  Click here to get it.
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