January 29, 2013

More Reading Strategies

I did a post on some tips for helping young readers last week, and I said I'd have some more ideas this week.  Well, here they are.  These are tools you can teach your reader to use any time he/she doesn't know a word.  A lot of times the reader will stop at a hard word and do nothing.  Then what do you do?  Often times it's hard to know how to help.  Once you've practiced these strategies over and over, your reader will have several options to try!  The idea is to help your reader do these independently, so even if you're not right there to help, your reader will know what to do.

Here are some of my favorite strategies to help young readers.

*Look at the picture
  Don't ever be afraid of letting your child "cheat" (it's not) by using the picture to figure out a word.  Pictures carry meaning, and in most beginning reading books, the pictures are there to help!  When your child looks at the picture, it demonstrates that he/she understands the picture is related to the words.  How smart!  This is often the easiest strategy for young readers.  You can learn a lot from a picture.

*Say the beginning sound
Saying the beginning sound is a simple way to get your reader headed on the right track for a tricky word.  At times, your reader won't even have to sound out the rest of word if the beginning sound is there.

*Look for a little word in a big word
Sometimes a big unfamiliar word can be really overwhelming to look at (I still experience that).  Ask your reader to look for a small word (or part of a word) that they can see hiding inside the big word.  Breaking the big word down into smaller familiar parts makes a big new word much more manageable. 

*Sound it out
This is probably the strategy most parents go to when helping their child read.  This isn't a bad strategy by any means, and often times is the best one.  It can also be a disaster (try to sound out the word 'could').  Just don't let you child get hung up on thinking this is the only way to figure out a new word.  Let your reader know this is one of many strategies to try.  When your child reads, look for words that are easy to sound out (sit, camp, red,...) and have them try this strategy on them.

*Skip the word, then go back and reread
This strategy is a bit more advanced than the others, but can make all the difference.  As your child reads, have he/she hum the tricky word and keep going to the end of the sentence.  At the end of the sentence, ask, "what would make sense there?".  Once the child knows, have he/she go back and reread the sentence with the correct word.  
Here's an example:
'The siren (tricky word, so hum it) on the fire engine was loud.'  
After reading the sentence, ask what would make sense here.  Now horn would make sense, but don't forget to say the beginning sound as well.  Siren would make sense and look right here.
Often times hearing the rest of the sentence can offer all the help needed to figure out the word.  ALWAYS make sure your reader goes back to reread after using this strategy.  Don't let your child think he/she can hum every tricky word. :)

As you teach these strategies, help your reader understand the strategies can be used together, and sometimes one works better than the other.  Often times your child might need to try two or three strategies before a word can be figured out.  Also, once in awhile, it's okay to tell your child a word.  You don't want frustration to be the overall feeling when it comes to reading.  Keep a nice balance between supporting your child as he/she reads, and allowing your reader to work for a word. 
I hope some of these were helpful.  You can print out the strategies here.  Happy reading!
Here's your quote for today.  You can print it here.

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  77. According to the National Statistics Portal of Iran, Damavand Mountain is 5,610 meters above sea level. In 2006, during a ten-day project and using different methods, the country's surveying organization measured the exact height of the peak and recorded the number 5609/20 (five thousand six hundred and nine meters and twenty centimeters) for the peak.
    In the past, other dimensions were mentioned as the height of Damavand Mountain. In 1966, a man named Alan Bach measured the height of the peak at 5,670 meters based on satellite images, to which one meter was later added, and the number 5,671 meters entered textbooks and many sources, and in the minds of many Iranians. The role was closed.

  78. Damavand Peak National Natural Monument with an area of ​​2950 hectares in 1381 during the decision No. 221 dated 21 June 1381 of the Supreme Council of Environment has joined the group of areas under the management of the Environmental Protection Organization. This work with 3976113 to 39822150 latitude and 596762 to 603597 longitude is located in northern Iran and Mazandaran province.

  79. Shopping malls: Palladium, Iran mall, Mega Mall

    Besides the traditional Bazaars with all their authentic atmosphere and hustles, there are these huge and modern shopping malls that abound in the affluent parts of Tehran. These Tehran attractions, like Palladium in northern Tehran, Iran Mall in the northwest, and Mega Mall in the west provide suitable places to visit in Tehran for the upper class to buy their favorite western brand or enjoy an exotic foreign meal with their families in their food court. Visiting Iran Mall with its unique architecture takes at least two full days.

  80. Located near Tehran, Damavand trekking is one the most popular hobbies of the local people as well as tourists. From youths to elders, from amateurs to professionals can pick a share of their own from Damavand trekking tours. That’s why it is on the top of Iran mountain tours lists. So, taking a Damavand tour package is not just about the trails and their natural beauty. It’s also about the local life and the stories you’ll get to explore. You meet the nomads that travel by season. Or you’ll get to meet hikers from different regions in these Iran.

    The best season for climbing Mount Damavand is in summer when the Damavand peak weather is mild and the pathways are not icy or covered with much snow. The weather in Mount Damavand's summers is mostly fine but it can drop to below zero as well. So you need to have proper gears. You should know that Iran mountain tour packages are categorized as easy and affordable. And with Damavand peak being the tallest mountain in Asia, Damavand ascent gets you lots of bragging points! Which is worth every penny you spend.
    Damavand Tour

  81. Make your trip more challenging

    You don't need to be trained to visit mount Damavand through a trekking tour since the tours are suitable for every average person. However, there is the challenge of being physically prepared to have a sweet trekking experience. Have a doable challenge in your traveling to Iran.

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  83. I was sitting in my house staring at this Persian carpet my friend had gifted me years ago. Then, I realized how similar Iran is to a Persian carpet with so many knots all woven together. They create a land of mystical stories and colorful delights! In fact, I realized how differently I was looking at that gift after visiting Iran!

  84. First of all, psychopaths are born with a temperament that is impulsive, impulsive, and fearless.

  85. The Pink Mosque in Shiraz! In the morning, it seemed as if the light was dancing through those colorful glasses and created this pinky shade. There was a soothing feeling that I can’t describe in words. I must say it all felt like a dream I wanted to continue on…

  86. The Grand Bazaar. Eating Persian Kebab. Traditional ice-cream and all. Museums full of ancient pieces from hundreds of years ago. Just a glimpse into how dangerously fun this trip could become!

  87. Taking a train through the beautiful silent deserts of Iran from Tehran to Yazd, then finding myself in the best roof cafes of a historic neighborhood of Fahadan was shocking for days to come. As a result, I kept wondering if I just dreamed of it all!

  88. Next was Abyaneh, with people who have saved their history in their everyday life and through centuries. We explored Iranian life from 500 AD to the 17th century there. Then, we moved to Isfahan with that masterpiece bridges of the 17th centuries over Zayanderud, where have been family hangouts all these years.
    I closed my eyes and imagined a large crowd of different nations heading towards a grand palace. They are all nations under the ruling power of the ancient Persian Empire, the Achaemenid dynasty. In my dreams, I joined them and entered the Gate of the Nations to see the Emperor.

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  90. Looking through the windows, I wondered how Kashan is a combination of everything I was hoping to explore in Iran. Exploring the nature of Fin garden, to the historical 5000 years old Sialk hills, the architecture of ancient houses, and the culture of everyday life.
    Walking in the cave-like houses built in the heart of the mountain by hand thousands of years ago in Kandovan along with the authentic way of people’s lives in these houses today was what made this day so special on my trip!


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  92. The season of new beginnings starts with the Iranian new year called Nowruz at the spring equinox. Everyone buys new clothes, put new smiles on their faces, find new hopes and dreams for the upcoming year and welcome the beauty that comes with change. Iranians have many traditions of welcoming this newness in different ways all around this ancient land. However, one tradition that is mutual among them is community gatherings specially on the first day of Nowruz and visiting elders during these holidays.

  93. We’ll be starting our day by taking a 20-minutes ride to a village called Taft. Then, we’ll be watching one of the most interesting Ashura rituals for which Taft is popular among Iranians. Hundreds of men will be carrying a massive wooden structure called “Nakhl” around town. The Nakhl symbolized Hussein’s coffin, and taking it around town (Nakhl Gardani) is like a ceremony for the dead body of this heroic figure in Iran. The whole village will be taking part in this ceremony, whether through carrying the Nakhl or the preparation and the singing. Then, after watching this ritual, we’ll be heading back to Yazd to say our goodbyes for this year.

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