January 9, 2013

Snowman Game & Printable

There seemed to be quite a bit of interest in the Roll a Christmas Tree game I posted about last moth, so I decided we needed a snowman one.  Snowmen are perfect for this game!  I had a hard time deciding which snowman elements to use in the game.  I couldn't fit all of the ones in I wanted to.  There is the 'Add your own item' when  you roll a number nine, so anything that I left out could be used on that roll.

My boys and I played the game yesterday (I had sick boys- well one sick twin, the other couldn't go to school without him).  Some of us got a bit more elaborate with our snowmen than others.  It's always fun so see how different each snowman turns out.

I hope you enjoy the game.  I know we always do.  The fun thing is we play it over and over and our snowmen are different each time.  I'm thinking we need to start a snowman wall to display all of the ones we've made. 

Click here for the instruction sheet.  Happy snowman making!
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  1. I LOVE this idea, Brooke.....and I love that it can be altered for different holidays! THanks for sharing!!

  2. So cute! Pinned and shared on Google Plus... are you on there? Couldn't find you to tag you. :(

  3. I'm loving your variation with the two dice, missed and extra turns and everything! I made my own instructions but we are using your outline for a class party Friday! Thanks a mil!

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