January 9, 2013

Snowman Game & Printable

There seemed to be quite a bit of interest in the Roll a Christmas Tree game I posted about last moth, so I decided we needed a snowman one.  Snowmen are perfect for this game!  I had a hard time deciding which snowman elements to use in the game.  I couldn't fit all of the ones in I wanted to.  There is the 'Add your own item' when  you roll a number nine, so anything that I left out could be used on that roll.

My boys and I played the game yesterday (I had sick boys- well one sick twin, the other couldn't go to school without him).  Some of us got a bit more elaborate with our snowmen than others.  It's always fun so see how different each snowman turns out.

I hope you enjoy the game.  I know we always do.  The fun thing is we play it over and over and our snowmen are different each time.  I'm thinking we need to start a snowman wall to display all of the ones we've made. 

Click here for the instruction sheet.  Happy snowman making!
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