January 21, 2014

Our Good Fortune That Life Is Difficult {Printable}

I have another quote today from my mom's grand library of quote books.  I've been reading through one entitled 'The Power of Adversity'.  I wish I could make a printable from every page of this book, but I'll settle on picking my top two or three and sharing them over the next few months.

Our Good Fortune That Life Is Difficult {Printable} from Blissful Roots

The section these quotes come from is entitled, 'Difficulties Build Courage'.  Sterling W. Sill is the author of these pages.  On the surface, we probably all think this quote is completely backwards, but deep down I'm sure we all realize it's true.  As hard as the difficult times are, I have to say I agree with this quote.
Our Good Fortune That Life Is Difficult {Printable} from Blissful Roots
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He then goes on to quote Charles Kingsley.  I loved this quote just as much, if not more than the first, so I had to make them both into printables.

My twins' greatest wish these days is to never get married, live together, play video games all day, have snacks, and never get out of their pajamas.  It's kind of impossible to convince two seven-year-olds and a four-year-old (they've recruited their younger brother to join them) that the life they're wishing for won't bring them happiness.  They can't possibly fathom that hard work and challenges will bring them true happiness.  And actually, there are several days I have to remind myself of that.  But I love how Mr. Kingsley put it.  There are so many things we would  miss out on in life if we were only idle.

I'm sure there's not a mom (or anyone) alive that wouldn't love a day of nothing, but really a day is all I could take.  I've learned to enjoy the work and demands I have. They truly do breed characteristics that I would not be able to gain otherwise.

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