January 29, 2014

Overnight Steel Cut Oats {from Mel's Kitchen Cafe}

Well, just like My Running Journey Series, this week I'm wrapping up my month long series of healthy breakfast recipes.  

Overnight Steel Cut Oats @ Blissful Roots

Today, I have one last recipe to share that my sister gave me, and then a quick, simple breakfast idea the doesn't require ANY cooking (only cutting, toasting, and stirring).

On to the steel cut oats.  My sister has been a big fan of Mel's Kitchen Cafe for sometime now.  I love EVERYTHING she's ever shared with me from Mel, and this recipe is no exception.  My sister would rave about the texture (nuttier and chewier than instant or rolled oats).  I was a bit hesitant, but knew enough to trust my sister's taste in amazing recipes, so I gave it a try.  I'm not a huge oatmeal person, but I absolutely fell in love with the steel cut oats! She was right.  The taste and texture are amazing.  Look for them in the bulk bins at the grocery store.  They're easy to find, and really inexpensive!

Overnight Steel Cut Oats @ Blissful Roots

Overnight Steel Cut Oats @ Blissful Roots

You can click here for Mel's recipe.  It's so, so easy!  Three simple ingredients, and you make it the night before.  In the morning you just heat it up, stir it, add your toppings, and you're done!  We like to add brown sugar or maple syrup (click here for our favorite homemade recipe) and fruits and nuts.  Half the fun is experimenting with the toppings!  Delicious!  

While you're over getting the recipe from Mel, be sure to check out all of her recipes.  I don't dare visit her site too often because I get lost in amazing recipes, and can't stop!

And here's one last quick, easy, healthy breakfast option for you.  We all know how busy mornings can be, and we don't always have time to cook something.  A family favorite of ours is:

Whole wheat toast with peanut butter

I remember during my first pregnancy (when I was carrying twins) that my doctor told me to find ways to add protein into my diet wherever I could.  She recommended peanut butter on toast.  I'd grown up on peanut butter on toast, so that was easy for me.  My mom is an Ovaltine fanatic, and we've all joined her.  A few years ago for Christmas my dad gave her a big box full of Ovaltine.  He knows her well!  Add a banana, and you're done. I've been seeing so many health benefits of bananas these days.  I love them, and I love what they do for your health.  So, if you're in a hurry (like we are many mornings) give the this combination a try.  It's so satisfying, filling, and healthy!

Well, that wraps up a month long of healthy breakfast recipes.  I hope you've been able to find one or two you'd like to add to your breakfast routine.  I know they've made a difference at our house.

In case you missed the first three weeks, here they are.

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Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you found a little something worth your time.

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