January 28, 2014

What Children Want... Printable

I've done several posts on our little nephew, Ben over the last few months.  He's been battling leukemia, and now he's experiencing some major heart complications.  The tender situation he's in right now seems to be in the forefront of my mind every time I sit down to do a printable these days.

What Children Want… Printable from Blissful Roots

Any Mr. Rogers fans out there?  I loved him growing up, and was thrilled when Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood came out recently.  My four-year-old is getting a taste of what I used to love so many years ago.  Anyway, I've had this quote of his for quite sometime, and it's one I keep close to help me  remember where my focus should be as a mom.  Life is busy, and I often times get sidetracked with other silly things, but really my three boys are what deserve my undivided attention, no matter what. 

This experience with our nephew (and actually a niece several years ago) has really made me stop and think about how sacred our time is with our young children.  They grow up so quickly, and life is so fragile that we really can't waste a single minute of our precious time with them.  

Ben has been blessed with amazing parents who have always been extremely focused on him and his brothers.  But now that he's in such a delicate state, I know they're giving him their every ounce of attention, love, and care.  I'm guilty of not doing that as often as I should.  And it doesn't mean I can't do my own thing, and have time to myself, but when they talk (I love how the quote says talk with, not talk to)- I need to listen, when we're together- I need to set my iPhone down, and be there in the moment with them.  I remember my then-three-year-old used to take magazines out of my hands and shut them when I was sitting on the floor "playing" with him.  They're totally smart.  They know when they don't have your undivided attention.  They deserve it, they need it!  Let them have it. 

Here's a printable from a few weeks back that I did for Ben.  We're still praying for the miracle he needs.  We love you, Ben!

There Will Be Miracles Printable From Blissful Roots

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