October 8, 2014

Homemade Halloween Oreos

I've posted these homemade Oreos before, but not the Halloween version.  I always like to let the coloring of my food work for me.  Any food that is somewhat close to black, orange, or white is perfect for Halloween entertaining.

Homemade Halloween Oreos @ Blissful Roots

You can click here to print out the recipe, but basically all you need is a Devil's food cake mix, eggs, and shortening.  Then, of course the cream cheese frosting.  You can go ahead and buy the frosting, or here's a yummy homemade version from Our Best Bites.

Homemade Halloween Oreos @ Blissful Roots

I made these Oreos a bit smaller than usual because you are getting two cookies once you frost and sandwich them together.  But you can make them any size you like.

For the Halloween version of these, I simply made the cream cheese frosting orange, then rolled the frosted cookie gently in Halloween sprinkles before the frosting set.  That way the sprinkles would stick to the frosting.  Easy and absolutely delicious!!

And here's another favorite Halloween cookie at our house.  Ghost sugar cookies.

Homemade Halloween Oreos @ Blissful Roots
Ghost Sugar Cookies

What are your favorite Halloween cookies?

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