October 22, 2014

Nacho Chedder Halloween Popcorn

Well, we're still anxiously awaiting baby boy number four as of today.  This little guy has an agenda all his own.  I've been early, and my water has broke with my other boys.  No water breaking, and I've all but reached my due date.  I do have a doctor appointment tomorrow morning.  Hopefully I'll have a better idea about when he'll be here after that.  We cannot wait!!

Nacho Cheese Halloween Popcorn @ Blissful Roots

So, today's recipe is a bit of a cheat.  Over the weekend we had a big birthday bash for all three of our boys.  It's the one time of year I get to go all out and put on a bit of a spread.  I wish I could have done more, but being a week away from delivery slows you down a bit!  

Nacho Cheese Halloween Popcorn @ Blissful Roots

I did manage to pull a few shortcuts that made the food pretty simple.  Like this nacho cheddar popcorn.  I knew I wanted to do some type of popcorn, and considered making a fantastic homemade concoction, but that didn't quite happen.  


What I ended up doing was popping my own popcorn, and then topping it with melted butter, and this Kernel Season's Nacho Chedder popcorn seasoning (I found mine at Walmart).

Nacho Cheese Halloween Popcorn @ Blissful Roots

It was a total hit!  The kids loved the nacho cheddar flavor, and even the adults were hooked!  The orange color was fantastic, and with a black creepy crawler or two on top, it became even more Halloween-ish. 

Nacho Cheese Halloween Popcorn @ Blissful Roots

So, even if you're not expecting a baby in the next day or two, you could probably use a quick and simple Halloween treat.  This nacho cheddar popcorn is a great go-to!  My boys have even requested it three or four times since the party (which was just four days ago).  And I have to say, I have a hard time stopping once I've started.  Popcorn has that effect on me.  Anyone else?

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you found a little something worth your time.

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