October 17, 2014

Printable Halloween Skull Banner

It's hard for me to decide where to start with Halloween printables.  So many options!  But, banners always seem to be a hit, so that's where we'll start today.

Printable Halloween Skull Banner @ Blissful Roots

I usually don't get into anything scary for Halloween.  I've even resisted cute little skulls like these, but with a house full of boys, I couldn't resist any longer.  So, here's a fun and simple skull Halloween banner for your next party, or just to hang around your house for the remainder of the month.  

Printable Halloween Skull Banner @ Blissful Roots

Page 1

Printable Halloween Skull Banner @ Blissful Roots

Page 2

Printable Halloween Skull Banner @ Blissful Roots

Page 3

Printable Halloween Skull Banner @ Blissful Roots

Page 4

You can click here to print your entire Halloween skull banner.

And, I can't let today pass without giving a HUGE happy birthday to my two oldest.  My twins are 8 today.  They are every bit as fun, fulfilling, and extraordinary as the day they were born!  I'm constantly amazed at the young boys they're becoming.  What a tremendous blessing it is for me to be able to call them mine!  Love you boys!  Enjoy the sushi (one of their only requests, besides a trampoline, for their birthday!).
Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you found a little something worth your time.

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