July 25, 2013

Garbage {Fun Number Sequencing Card Game For The Family}

My parents and sister watched my three boys while I was at girl's camp last month.  My boys came home and told me about a fun game they played with Aunt Miss called Garbage. I'm sure they did a really good job of explaining the game to me, but I didn't quite understand it enough to play it.

Garbage {Fun Number Sequencing Card Game For The Family} from Blissful Roots

Luckily, a few weeks ago we were together at my parents and my sister brought cards (we used SkipBo cards) so we could play Garbage (also known as Trash).  It's one of those really simple games, but so fun and addicting!  I also love how my young boys are able to play, and learn number sequencing at the same time.

Thanks goodness for wikiHow!  I initially started typing up my own set of instructions, but quickly discovered that's not my area of expertise.  My instructions were getting way too involved and confusing!  There are pictures and even a short video to go along with the instructions on wikiHow.  

We extended our Garbage game to have a bit of Phase 10 spin to it.  The first player to have all 10 of his/her cards in order, is the first to go out that round.  Each player after that has one more turn to try and go out.  Each player who is able to go out on his/her next turn, then moves to 9s for the next round (meaning you'll be dealt  9 cards instead of 10).  If you can't go out, then you stay on 10s.  You can continue play until one player is able to go out on 1s.   
Clear as mud?  See, I told you writing instructions wasn't my thing.

Garbage is the perfect way to spend time inside when the heat of the day makes it impossible to be outside.  My boys and I watch my two nieces and nephew (ages 10, 9, & 8) once a week, and we played Garbage last time we were together.  All of the kids (ages 3 to 10) LOVED it!  We played for quite awhile, and even took a few breaks, then came back to keep going until someone was able to go out on 1s.  
BTW, my three-year-old is my teammate.  He's actually really good, and it's amazing how he's catching on to where each number belongs, but still needs a bit of help.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Hope you found a little something worth your time.

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