July 23, 2013

There's Magic in the Dirt {Printable}

This is one of my all-time favorite pictures of my twins.  It was taken five years ago in our very first family garden.  These two little guys LOVED this garden!  They were the best garden tenders you'd ever seen.  They weeded, watered picked peppers (and tried so, so hard to like them), and even cried a bit when the neighbor's cat wouldn't eat the cherry tomatoes they were trying to share with it.  So many priceless memories!  

 At my father-in-law's studio here in Midway there are some great signs in their gift department.  There was a sign (click here to see it) several years ago that said, "Garden:  there's magic in the dirt!".  I've always wanted a copy of it to hang in my house during the summer months, because it fits this picture of my twins so perfectly, and gardening is magical to me.  So, I decided to make it my printable for today.
We don't have our own garden this year, but our in-law's garden is bigger than we'd ever have ourselves.  My twins are older now and the magic in the dirt has slightly faded for them (I'm hoping it will return for them someday like it has for me), but lucky for me, I still have a three-year-old who is smitten by the magic of the dirt.  Every new sprout, blossom, veggie, even weed is magical!

What magic has your dirt produced this summer?  So far, my boys have shelled and devoured lots of peas, and the beets are ready to harvest.  There's a lot more on the way, and I  cannot wait!  

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you found a little something worth your time.

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