July 1, 2013

Patriotic Playlist

Well, I'm back from another week off of blogging.  Our girl's camp was so, so enjoyable.  We have the best bunch of teenage girls anywhere!  I missed my boys terribly, but had an amazing experience bonding with these girls and enjoying the beauties of nature.

Patriotic Playlist from Blissful Roots

So, here we are at the beginning of the 4th of July week.  Such a fun time of year!  If you saw my guest post over at A Typical English Home, then you know I mentioned something about a patriotic playlist. I love having music to get me in the mood for holidays, don't you?  It brings an added bit of festiveness that can't be experienced any other way.

Growing up, we always watched the fireworks at Romney Stadium (Utah State University Aggies).  We hardly ever went in the stadium, but we would park close by, lay on the grass, and tune our radio, (to Q92? I can't remember which station for sure) and have a firework show with music.  Ever since then, if I ever see a firework show without music, I feel a bit cheated.  The music completes the show for me. 

Over the years, I've complied some of my favorite patriotic songs.  I know every one's taste is different, and there are a TONS of songs to choose from, but maybe the ones I've listed will help you get started on your own.  I have everything from classics to some newbies, and instrumental. 

I put my playlist together in Spotify.  You can only play your 
Spotify list from your computer, but it's free.  You could purchase the songs on iTunes and then play them from your computer, phone, tablet or burn them to a disc. 

I found how to put my list from Spotify here in my post, but the songs won't play when you click them (I know, I was disappointed too).  At least you can see the songs and artists.  And for some reason it left two of the songs off my list (apparently they need to work out a few bugs), and they're two of my favorite!
1.  Battle Hymn of the Republic by SHeDAISY
2.  America the Beautiful by Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert

What are your favorite patriotic songs?
Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you found a little something worth your time.

P.S.  I have a Thanksgiving playlist you can find here.

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  1. Thanks for the playlist ideas! New follower :) Found you at Someday Crafts.

    Alyssa @ ohsewcraftylife.blogspot.com

    1. Hi, Alyssa! Your are so welcome! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Happy 4th of July to you!

  2. I'm still searching for you on Spotify. Where are you? Is is Blissful Roots? How do I get to your playlist?

  3. ps the songs do play here when I click on them.


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