August 26, 2013

Box Tops Box

Box Tops.  Love them?  Hate them?  Indifferent?  Last year my boys were in kindergarten which meant Box Tops were new enough, and my boys were young enough that they were really cool.  We collected and collected all year long. 

Box Tops Box from Blissful Roots

When summer hit, I just assumed the collecting would come to a halt, but thanks to my three-year-old we haven't stopped (he can spot Box Tops a mile away, and doesn't let me miss a single one!).  Which really is fine by me.  I'm always glad to give back to schools in any way possible.  My only problem this summer was finding a place to store all of the Box Tops until school began.  I could have just put them in a baggie in the drawer, but if there's any excuse to make a cute label for a container to organize something, then I'm all over it.

I'm sure you can tell from the picture, but here's a break down of what I did.
I used a mini red storage box that I'd bought at Dollar Tree (it came in a 4-pack), made a label in PicMonkey (click here for the how-to), printed it out, cut it out, mounted it on some scrapbook paper, and then attached it to the storage box.  So simple, but so satisfying!  I really do love the old saying, "everything in its place."  

And speaking of Box Tops, my sister-in-law posted this on Facebook last week.  Maybe it's because I've been a teacher before, but I've been laughing about this one for days. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you found a little something worth your time.

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