August 5, 2013

DIY Back To School Labels {from PicMonkey}

If you follow me on Facebook, you know we had an eventful few days last week.  My twins have made it almost seven years without a single stitch or broken bone.  Well, that lucky streak came to a close on Thursday.  It involved some playing, running, a coffee table, and four stitches right under the eyebrow.  

DIY Back to School Labels {From PicMonkey}  by Blissful Roots

All is well, but when things like that happen, it makes me realize where my priorities need to be.  I LOVE blogging, and I've been pleasantly surprised with how easily I've fit time in for it (without loosing time with my boys).  But sometimes I just need to take a step back.

With all that being said, I do still have a post for today.  It may not be as detailed as I would have liked, but here it is.

I did a post on making your own labels in PicMonkey a few weeks ago, and there seemed to be a lot of interest.  As I was making the labels for that post, I also played around with some labels for my boys' belongings.  School is just around the corner for us (we start August 20), and there are definitely things that need to be labeled- backpacks, books, folders, pencil boxes lunchboxes, etc...  

DIY Back to School Labels {From PicMonkey}  by Blissful Roots

So, here comes the lack of details.  I'd love to had screen shots of each step I took to make these, but they're really simple, and I'll have the links to my previous PicMonkey tutorials below that may be helpful.

For the globe I went to:
(click here for more details on finding the Postal Overlays).  

For the chalkboard background I went to:
*School U Theme (brand new!)
(click here for more details on finding School U)
*Rectangular chalkboard.  

I then layered the globe on top of the chalkboard and added the name (I used the Tall Dark & Handsome font).  So, so easy. 

As you can see, you can put as many or as few as you want on a page.  Don't you love how the globe and chalkboard work together to give the label a school-like feel?  I do.  I also think this image would look great printed out big and hung in my boys' bedroom.  I love all the possibilities!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you found a little something worth your time.

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  1. Love PicMonkey and what you did here... How will you affix the labels? Do you print on "labels"?

    Suzie @ Dorothy Sue and Millie B's too

    1. I was planning on printing them on labels. I haven't done much with printing on labels. Have you? I'm hoping to find one big label sheet, and then printing them off on that and cutting them with my paper cutter. Thanks so much for visiting, Suzie! Come back any time, and have a great day!

  2. What a great little printable idea. I love that we can make our own labels and make them special. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thank you, Chelsea! I love how PicMonkey makes it so easy to look so professional. I'm on my way over to your party. Have a wonderful day!

  3. School labels are very much care of kids school items with more care. This will also enhance the feeling of responsibility in your kids mind toward their things.


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