August 9, 2013

Boy Bedrooms {Pinterest Board}

I seem to have my boys on my mind a lot lately (as they should be) because here's another post about them.  
Today I have boy bedrooms on my mind.

We have been living with my in-law's for close to a year (where has the time gone?) now.  All three of my boys share a room here.  I'm actually really glad they've had the chance to do that.  My twins have always shared, but my three-year-old has had his own room before.  
While initially I was worried about all three of them crammed in one room, I have learned to love it!  It's funny how less-than-ideal situations can lead to pleasant, unexpected discoveries.  There's always lemonade to be made from those lemons, right?  

1.  Plain and simple, being close in proximity means spending more time together.  All three of my boys spend a lot of time together in their room- it's priceless!
2.  Sharing one room frees up another room (or two) for a playroom (which I'm realizing, for me, is pretty much a necessity), craft room, library, or whatever other room you'd like.
3.  There's no room for this argument, "Mom, he won't get out of my room!" because they all share the same one.
4.  Three boys cleaning one room is a lot less painful than three boys cleaning three rooms.  They actually pitch in really well, and it goes so quickly because there's three of them and only one space.

I don't know how long this blissful room sharing phase will last, but I'm hoping a lot longer.  I already have grand plans for decorating a room with multiple built-in bunk beds, or three beds all in a row someday.  I imagine a boy haven where my boys will want to go at the end of the day to have fun, learn, rest, relax, and just be together. 

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