May 29, 2014

$1 Rainbow Loom Band Organizer

My twins each got a Rainbow Loom for their birthday in October, and for awhile right after that there was a looming craze going on at our house.  Then, just like every toy, the newness wore off, and their looms sat untouched.

$1 Rainbow Loom Band Organizer @ Blissful Roots

Well, I'm not sure what sparked the craze again, but it's back, in full swing!    We've always kept the bands in small white plastic ramekins from Dollar Tree, but last night as I was wandering the isles of Dollar Tree again, I found this.  What do you even call these?  Do they have an official name? Anyway, I loved the white, and all the compartments, and it just seemed perfect for all our Rainbow Loom bands so I bought one.  One tray holds 7 colors, it's light-weigh, portable, and the sections are really big, so you can fit a bag of bands in one section.  The middle section is a bit smaller, so save that one for the bands you have the least of. 

$1 Rainbow Loom Band Organizer @ Blissful Roots

I'm thinking these would slide nicely in a flat drawer or cupboard because they are a bit big to keep on a desk or counter.  For now, ours sits on the floor in the toy room because my boys haven't quit using them for days.

$1 Rainbow Loom Band Organizer @ Blissful Roots

We do have more than 7 colors of bands, so I need to head back to Dollar Tree and buy 2 more trays, then that should have us covered.  You can even use one of the compartments for your c-clips, s-clips, or whatever kind of clips you own.

$1 Rainbow Loom Band Organizer @ Blissful Roots

Oh, the joy of simple, inexpensive, functional storage.  My heart sings, and I think my boys are really liking it!

How do you store/organize your Rainbow Loom supplies?

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you found a little something worth your time.

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