May 8, 2014

Watercolor Mother's Day Art

This adorable piece of art come from yet another project we did during my first grade teaching days.  I always loved how these watercolor projects turned out.  Perfectly colorful and flowery for mom!

Watercolor Mother's Day Art @ Blissful Roots

Just take a plain piece of paper.  Watercolor paper is best.  Then, using a water bottle, we always sprayed our entire paper with water.  You could try just painting the watercolors on the paper, but I like the look the sprayed paper gives to the colors.  They're more blended and muted.

Watercolor Mother's Day Art @ Blissful Roots

After the paper is sprayed, then let your child paint away!  Still dip the brush in water before the watercolor, but you won't need a ton of water because the paper is wet.  I like to encourage my boys to use a lot of colors, and to not mix them too much, or they'll just end up with brown.

Watercolor Mother's Day Art @ Blissful Roots

After the whole paper it painted, then allow it to dry.  The final step is adding the black paint (you could do a black marker it you'd like).  Use the finest brush you can find for this.  I could have given my four-year-old a finer brush for his flowers, but I still love how it turned out.  He did all of the same flower, but your older kids could try and do a few different kinds of flowers (tulips, roses, daffodils, etc…).  They can always practice the flowers on a separate sheet of paper first, and then paint them on the watercolor paper.
Oh, and you'll want to have them paint a vase for the flowers to go in.

Watercolor Mother's Day Art @ Blissful Roots

And there you have it!  The perfect Mother's Day art work for grandma or any other mother.  We've given this in the past, and it's always a HUGE hit with the recipient!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you found a little something worth your time.

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  1. Just found you via Pinterest! Love, love, love your blog. Fantastic printables. Thank you! I will enjoy slowing making my way through your blog and soaking up all of it.

    1. So glad you found me! And thank you for your kind, kind words!!

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