May 5, 2014

Traits of a Mother

Growing up, I always knew I had a wonderful mom.  Of course, there were a few instances during my teenage years of not seeing eye to eye, but that didn't mean I didn't understand how great she was.

Now that I'm a mom myself, I realize even more what an incredible mom she was, and continues to be!  Being a mom is not exactly the world's easiest job, but my mom never seemed liked it was too hard or daunting.  As I remember her from my younger days, and I've watched her recently with my own boys, I've come to notice some of the traits she possesses that make her such a special mom.  And I've come to recongize what a blessing it's been for me to watch her over the years.  I want nothing more than to follow her example as a mother, and develop the traits I've seen in her.

 Traits of  a Mother @ Blissful Roots

I've never know my mom to do anything but look on the bright side of things.  Life is challenging on so many levels, but I honestly can say that complaining is just not in my mom's nature.  She is always faithful and optimistic about whatever life throws at her, and she's passed that attitude on to me and my siblings.  I have my own challenges to deal with in life, but I'm blessed to have had such a great example of optimism in my life.  I don't ever seem to get too bogged down by the hard times.  And I know whenever I talk to her, she will always tells me it will all work out.  She never for one second makes me feel down and out about my problems, and that gives me the strength to know I can pull through whatever it is I'm going through.  And now, I'm trying my best to instill that attitude in my boys.  They already have small challenges in their little lives, but I try to help them stay optimistic about everything.  It will take many years of teaching, but I hope it will stick.

Traits of  a Mother @ Blissful Roots

My mom has always been very complimentary of others, but she's especially complimentary when it comes to our family.  My boys probably feel like they're the most perfect boys in the world because of the praise she gives them.  Not to say they don't do things they shouldn't, but she always tells them it's okay, and then turns around with a compliment for them. She's very observant of others and what they do- big or small.  Every time I hear her compliment one of my boys in a moment I have been upset with them, it makes me stop and realize how much better the compliment works than my reaction of getting mad.  If there's good in any situation, she'll find it and let you know it.  She still compliments me every time we talk on the phone, and even though I'm getting older, the compliments never do.

Traits of  a Mother @ Blissful Roots

This is the one word that comes to my mind time and time again as I think of my mom.  She has never once been anywhere near a selfish person.  When we were young,  everything was about us kids, and even though we've all grown up and moved on, she still makes everything about us (and of course the grand kids).  My mom (and dad) has been known to make a four hour drive just to follow me and my boys to make sure we're home safely.  She becomes a cooking machine whenever we go stay with them just so I can have recipes to share here on my blog.  Any extra money she has goes towards family activities for everyone.  She sends package after package to my boys, and their cousins in Atlanta.  She works on countless projects for my sister who's a teacher.  She run errands for all of us, comes to our events, and on and on!  We live in a very selfish world, and I feel so blessed to have her selfless example to follow!  It's such a Christlike characteristic, and she exemplifies it perfectly.  I work on it daily, and hope to do be the same some day.

I have one last trait to share.  My mom is a simple person.  Simple in the things of the world, but amazing in the things that matter most.  She's never needed the most expensive car, house, clothes, or anything materialistic.  She always makes the most of what she has, and makes it workable, and wonderful.  I've come to really, really appreciate this trait of hers.  It's helped me remain somewhat simple in my life.  I like to make things special, but that doesn't mean I have to have the biggest, and the best.  Simple things can be made quite extraordinary if you just get a bit creative.

Those are just a few traits that came to my mind.  I could have a post several miles long, as I'm sure you all could about your own mothers.  What traits do you admire most about your mom?  What are you striving to become better at as a mom yourself?  I'd love to hear your ideas!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you found a little something worth your time.

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  1. This is such a sweet post! All those things do, describe your mom. I haven't seen your mom in years but have great memories of her.
    An attribute I admire of my mom is how involved she was and still is, not only in my life but the community and school and church. It helps me remember to get out and serve and meet people and learn from those around me.

  2. Beautiful post. I loved reading this. You are blessed to have such a lovely mom, and she is blessed to have a daughter who notices these things:)

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  6. What a sweet post this is! Everything really do portray your mother. Although I haven't seen your mom in a long time, I have fond memories of her.
    My mother's involvement not only in my life but also in the community, school, and church is something I admire. It assists me with making sure to get out and serve and meet individuals and gain from everyone around me. I was interested in writing and now working as Ph.D. Education and Teaching Dissertation for a UK-based company. A great thanks to my parents for everything that I own today.


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