May 21, 2014

Shrimp Pasta Salad

My mom must have made a pasta salad like this when I was still living at home because I kind of just throw ingredients in this recipe, and it actually works. Which means I must have had some experience with this salad before because I'm not so good at making up my own recipes from scratch.

Shrimp Pasta Salad @ Blissful Roots

But, the origin of the salad doesn't really matter.  What matters is that it's a crowd-pleaser, and makes the perfect side dish for all of the BBQs you'll be attending this summer.  

Shrimp Pasta Salad @ Blissful Roots

I hardly ever do this, but for this salad, I don't really measure.  For some reason I just dare to add the amounts I'm comfortable with (I really need to venture out and try that on other recipes).  I guess it's because I kind of made up what I put in it, and when you're doing that you just go off what you think, or like.  So, feel free to play around with amounts, proportions, or even the ingredients.  I love the flavor the onions and radishes give the salad, but maybe you don't like those.  Really, just about anything goes.  The fun is in the experimenting. 

Shrimp Pasta Salad @ Blissful Roots
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  I actually like this pasta salad best the next day, so go ahead and make it ahead of time.

Shrimp Pasta Salad @ Blissful Roots

What are your favorite pasta salads?  I love them, but don't seem to have too many great recipes for them.  I'd love to hear what you have to share!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you found a little something worth your time.

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