April 25, 2014

Dollar Store Gift Wrapping

In my beautiful valley, we're a bit limited when it comes to shopping choices.  A Walmart came to town a few years back, and when that came so did Dollar Tree.  We do have two other grocery stores, a Walgreens, a King's plus other locally owned businesses.

Dollar Store Gift Wrapping from Blissful Roots

I love a good trip down the canyon to Target, but rarely go anymore.  I have to say, I've come to love the challenge of shopping local in a small valley.  It forces me to think outside the box, or use what's available.  It's almost like treasure hunting.  It takes an extra bit of effort to find the cute things, (unlike Target where I could buy something on every isle) but they're there if you take the time to look.

So, my four-year-old and I frequent the Dollar Tree.  He loves the fact that his hard-earned dollar can buy ANYTHING in the store, and I like hunting out the hidden deals that can often be found.  

Last time we were there, my treasure was this blue chevron on craft paper wrapping, (I also got a roll of the same craft paper wrapping with yellow stripes) and the golden flower.  I thought the two of them together would make the perfect pair for an adorably wrapped gift.  You can't beat seven feet of wrapping paper, and seven golden flowers for a grand total of $2!  I'll be able to wrap multiple presents with the paper and flowers.

Dollar Store Gift Wrapping from Blissful Roots

Now, a word or two about dollar store flowers.  You're getting a whole bouquet for $1!  You really can't be too picky at that price.  I've never bought dollar store flowers to use in an arrangement, but look beyond using the flower as is.  Think about pulling it off the branch, or even pulling the layers of petals apart.  And, unless the center of the flower is hidden, you're probably going to want to cover it with something.  The centers are deal-breakers for me.  If they look terrible, the whole flower does.  I just covered the plain green bump in the center of the golden flower with a sticker that came in a package I'd bought at Walmart  for a dollar or two.  Makes all the difference in the world! 

The ribbon I used came from Michaels, not Dollar Tree, but I have noticed cute rolls of grosgrain at the dollar store lately that would work just as well, if not better.

And speaking of wrapping up gifts, (for a birthday maybe) I need to give a BIG happy birthday  to my sister, Tania (the adorable one in the middle, and BTW I need to take more sister photos, this one is from Thanksgiving break)!  She's a nurse, a beauty, a girl of faith, my babysitter, my fashion rescuer (if I'm ever wearing anything cute or trendy- it's belongs to her), and one of my dearest friends.  I think the world of her, and hope she has a day as special as she is!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you found a little something worth your time.

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  1. That is a score! I'm always going to wrong "dollar" stores and finding myself disappointed that nothing is really a dollar. But now I'm going to hit up dollar tree (because the only wrapping paper I have is CHRISTMASY).

    1. I totally agree, Liv! Dollar stores should have $1 items! I hope you find yourself some cute wrapping paper. There were other colors as well. Enjoy your day!

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