April 18, 2014

Peter Cottontail's Tail {DIY Pom Poms}

I find myself buying yarn often in hopes of making lots of pom poms, but truth be told, I've really only made one set of them in my entire life.  They turned out just how I'd wanted, and they were really easy to make.  I'm not sure why I don't make them more often.

Peter Cottontail's Tail {DIY Pom Poms} @ Blissful Roots

A few winters ago, I shared some winter ornaments I'd made for my white January tree.  As I was putting them away this year, it hit me that the white pom poms I'd hung on the tree would make the perfect tail for Peter this Easter.   So when I was getting out my Easter decor, I went back to my winter tote, pulled one of the pom poms out,  fluffed it up a bit, trimmed it down, and hot glued it to a bunny silhouette (click here for the one I used). 

Peter Cottontail's Tail {DIY Pom Poms} @ Blissful Roots

You can click here for my DIY winter ornament post.  I have several ornaments, but the pom poms I made and used for the cottontail were made using Bernat Boa yarn in Dove, and I followed this Martha Stewart video: How To Make Mini Yarn Pom Poms.  Really simple! 

The bunny silhouette I used came from Matthew Mead.  He actually used a white carnation for the tail, and I love that look as well.  Check out his entire white Easter collection on Pinterest here.  So, so gorgeous!!

Holiday with Matthew Mead

Holiday with Matthew Mead

Holiday with Matthew Mead

So, what are your Easter plans?  An egg hunt or two, family time,  enjoying the beauties of spring, and lots of candy?  That's what we'll be up to.  Enjoy this special holiday!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you found a little something worth your time.

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